Win R11 000 in Appliances

Win R11 000 in Appliances
Competition Ends In: 9 days

Stand a chance to Win R11 000 in Appliances with Consumer Rewards.

If your appliances are getting old or don’t work like they use to then you can update when you enter for a chance to win R11 000 in appliances.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. If I win I will replace all the Appliances that are a hazard in my home

  2. Monera Bhyat says

    I would love to compete for your competitions but I don’t feel comfortable in giving you my Identity number,nowadays with all the fraud that is happening I would rather not but would really like to join i

  3. All my appliances is as old as I am

  4. Johannes Viljoen says

    Would be a real shock to win something – I never do.

  5. Michelle Thomas says

    I don’t like giving my ID no.

    • Lorraine Tsamaesi says

      I will replace my stove my iron my tv set my music system my kettle my toaster and my washing mashine. I do not like giving my id number

  6. I will replace all my electric appliances with solar appliances.

  7. Not happy giving my id no but would really love to win some appliances haven’t had something new in years

  8. Jocelyn Marimuthoo says

    Moving to my own place, i definitely need new appliances, this will really help

  9. I havent ever won anything in my life and i really need good appliances at my home..i am forever poor and cant afford good stuff..i really wish i can win..even if its something small

  10. If i win i would give all my old stuf to the homeles poeple whio dont have anything

  11. My mom deserves new appliances for being a supportive, caring and loving mother. She’s the pillar of my strength she always pulls through even in hard times.

  12. Nomyalelo Xolilizwe says

    my mother is furniture is old and she is moving to a new house. i would love to buy her a new furniture.

  13. Holding thumbs for a big win.

  14. Victoria Williams says

    I would love to replase all my mothers old applyaince with new ones,but I con afford it.

  15. Jordan Titus says

    I need to spoil my mom for all she has done for all of us. And this would be the best solution for her as she loves to be in the kitchen.

  16. If I can win things in my room because I build a new room new things in the new room

  17. I don’t have anyone at home

  18. I would like to win this appliances to start my own business from home. It would really help me also in my project of feeding the less privilege.

  19. donaldson screech says

    I would be very glad if I could win this prestigious prize

  20. H McKechnie says

    I do not like to give my ID.

  21. ID should be optional or produce when you win a price, not a necessity!

  22. I am so xcited 2 do competitions… bt givin my ID no very sceptical …..y eud u wnt id nos

  23. I wish I could win and back with my daughters in a new Kitchen

  24. What a blessing that would be. My husband has just retired at the end of January 2019. Guess what, my washing machine “Speed Queen” which i have had for years has decided to be pensioned off as well as my vacuum/carpet cleaner, (model discontinued)cannot get spares for them. Sad day for me!

  25. Definitely change my electric stove for a small gas one! Eskom has let us down. Outages is going to be the norm for the day! Very sad.

  26. It would be nice to have a stove and definitely a toaster, and if there is anything left an electric blender

  27. Would love to win never won something my home really needs a make over.

  28. I would love to win never won something my kitchen need a make over keeping thumbs up to win it.

  29. Great prizes to win.


  31. Not comfortable providing ID….should only provide ID when u a winner .

  32. Anna Meeding says

    I really love to win this but if I have to submit my Id. number, I rather not enter.

  33. I would like to win my appliances are old need some changes in my house

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