Win a R1000 Woolworths Voucher

Win a R1000 Woolworths Voucher
Competition Ends In: 9 days

Stand a chance to Win a R1000 Woolworths Voucher with Consumer Rewards.

You could get your hands on a R1000 Woolworths voucher and get what you want from this much-loved store.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. Mzimkhulu Patrick Gqadu says

    Woolies is one of the friendly store in South Africa and also the friendly welcome from all the Woolies stores. It is the best grocery store at Umzantsi and no expired food from Woolies store. The other think about the store is that you can find it even in the petrol garages and it makes our lives easy now, even if you want something fresh odd hours, the garage will be there to assist.

  2. Yes indeed Woolworths is such every friendly store I know in Mzanzi and their staff is always there to assist you with anything with a friendly smile on face

  3. Indeed Woolworths is friendly store with their staff as well. Woolworths knows the best interest of their customers when you buy something you’ll never have complaints the food is always fresh especially the bread its nice and soft

  4. woolies is the best shop in south africa quality of food best service ,not expensive quality of all their product they know what best for their customers

  5. Woolied is the best dhoo in mzanzi.all their products are fresh n not expensive.

  6. Woolworth Woolies is a number one store selling Quality Brands in South Africa, Everyone loves it! We adore it……Keep up the good work Woolies!

  7. Woolworth it my best number one store sales it quality i like woolies.

  8. Woolworth is always selling fresh and health product,Woolworth is there to keep us health.

  9. i was always thinking that woolies is expensive until i enter their doors.thier products ?u won’t go wrongi was struggling to get quality shoes fory kids and better fitting underwears But now i dont have to worry cos i know where to go.thanx woolies.

  10. Woolworths is the number 1 shop that ilike

  11. I prefer Woolworths store more than any store in mzansi..because they serve good products.. also their assistant to the customers is absolutely fantastic.. Thank you Woolworths keep it up

  12. Thobile October 25;2018 at 4:15pm .I prefer Woolworth store because you are selling organic food and quality products of which as a consumer we need that also have good service to us as a consumer that it’s why we prefer you of is absolutely fantastic to us as a consumers. Thank you somuch Woolworth keep it up.

  13. Woolworth for schools clothes quality I love to shop special for schools thanks to Woolworth

  14. Nontsikelelo says

    Hi Woollies has beautiful staff that are willing to give the best service anytime of the Year , Busy or Weekends holidays .they are there to handle customers in a friendly .competent and really south African professional services. I JUST LOVE woollies .

  15. Fabian Titus says

    Hi Woolies has exceptional quality products and alot of products is not available elsewhere, truelly great service just love Woolies to bits

  16. Hi woolies is the best brand in SA they sell quality you won’t regret spending your money on the workers knows what is customer service and their stores are clean you just feel welcomed when you enter their store #KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORK

  17. Woolies always sells the best quality in food and the best quality in clothing stops all the others store brands it also has top sales people who are friendly to advise

  18. I like entering these competitions but Im always skeptical about entering my ID number

  19. Always fresch products😁😀

  20. Woolies my favorite store, my nickname at work is Mrs Woolworths.
    Food always fresh, fruit not old either. I can buy something and take it home in confidence knowing it wont be bad when i open it. And i can serve it.
    Sorry no ID number too much fraud going on. just had robbery.

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