Reasons to Host Online Competitions

Online competitions and contests are able to help your business in a number of ways. Here are some great reasons why you should host online competitions.

Engage Your Customers with the Brand

No matter what platform you use to promote your online competition, you will encourage customers to engage with your brand. This is done through your entry requirements for your competition whether you want an opinion, asking customers to answer questions or for them to enter content that is related to your brand.

With Facebook, you are able to promote your Facebook page with a competition. You are able to attract new fans to Like your page, for instance.

Use Online Competitions to Promote

If your online competition is well designed and the prize is great then it won’t be hard to get people to participate in the competition and to also get them talking about it.

Many online competitions ask entrants to promote and share the competition across social networks like Facebook in order to have more chances to win. They will usually give an extra entry for every friend they get to sign up and enter.

Online competitions can be talked about on Facebook and other platforms as well as promoted through newsletters.

Collect Customer Information

You can use the competition to collect information about your customer base by asking for some information in the entry. You can find out the demographic that is interested in your competition and your brand.

Your Email Database Will Grow

You should encourage entrants to sign up to your mailing list when they enter the competition. Many companies will have a pre-checked opt-in box and most of the time this box stays ticked. However, you must give customers the opportunity to opt-out at any time they want to.


















Wait…There are even more benefits…

You Are Able to Measure the Results

You are able to measure the participation and conversion rate by tracking the number of participants that have registered to your newsletter.

Also, a social media tracking tool can help you find out, which sites, ads and platforms generate the most traffic.

Increase the Conversion for your Brand with Online Competitions

Social media competitions make it easy to get people talking about your brand as social media platforms are where content is shared and discussed. A fun competition that has a great prize is going to be talked about especially if the entry involves talking about the product or brand by sharing the content.

Online Competitions are Easy to Set Up

Online competitions, especially ones on social media platforms are quick and easy to set up. You can get a basic Facebook competition online within just a few hours and more complex online competitions can take just a week.

Online Competitions are Flexible

You are able to tailor an online competition to the goals of your business. with an online competition, you are able to drive traffic to your website, bring awareness to a new product or connect with customers.

You can also run the competition for as long or as short as you want.

Find Creative Content with Online Competitions

If your team is a little dry on ideas then you can use your customers and get ideas from them.

There are many brands that use their customer’s ideas for their next product development.

Online Competitions Don’t Need to Cost a Lot

No matter the goal of your online competition, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Your competition can be a simple form on your website that you then promote on social media, for instance.

You just need a few prizes like cash, gift cards, your product or something that has value to customers so that they become engaged and enter your competition.

You might be wondering about what competitions you can create…keep reading for ideas

Ideas for Your Social Media Competition

If you are looking to host an online competition and want to host one on social media, so that you can spread the word about your brand and product, then take a look at these social competition ideas.

Vote Competition

A vote competition will get your customers interacting as you ask them for your views and ask them to take action by casting a vote. A vote competition is a great way to show your fans and followers that you listen to them.

This is a simple competition to set up on your Facebook page or blog and entry is easy as entrants will just need to click their vote.

Photo Competition

Another great way to increase social media engagement is with a photo competition. You can ask fans to post a photo of something specific, like them with your product or something related to your brand. This will create brand awareness.

Photo Caption Competition

Photo caption competitions are a lot of fun as you ask entrants to create a funny, witty caption for a photo. There is some creativity involved in these types of competitions, but are still easy to enter. Users are then able to vote on captions by liking entrants or the winner can be chosen at random by a judge.

Video Competition

Another great way to get users involved with your brand and business is through a video competition. You can ask entrants to create a short video of them using your product or ask them to do something related to your brand or show an emotion about something. These videos can be posted on social media platforms for an entry and users can vote for the best one.

Online competitions have a number of uses and businesses can use them to their advantage to promote their brand, business or product across multiple platforms and get people to engage with their brand. This will spread awareness and hopefully generate new customers.

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