Will Sweepstakes Leave Phone Messages if you Win

Will Sweepstakes Leave Phone Messages if you Win

There are some sweepstake sponsors that will leave you phone messages when you win a prize, but many more sponsors wont do this. This is because it becomes hard for sponsors to fulfill prizes if they are unsure or if a potential winner will return their call.



Generally sponsors or sweepstakes will only try to make contact with the winner a few times by phone, before they disqualify them and draw anther winner.

The guidelines for contacting a winner are usually in the rules for the sweepstake.

If you are worried about missing those phone calls that declare you the winner then you do have a few options that will make it easier for you to be reached by telephone.

A good idea is to use your cell phone number on a sweepstake entry form, as you are able to take your phone everywhere that you go, so you will be less likely to miss the call. You are even able to buy a cheap phone that is only used for sweepstake entries.

You can use call forwarding as this gives you the option to receive calls from your home number at other locations.

Don’t stress too much though about missing phone calls that tell you that you have won, as this is just one of the methods used by sweepstakes that tell you have won. They may try email for instance.


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