Why Small Wins are Awesome

It can be quite frustrating to constantly enter online competitions and to not win any of those prizes that you have been dreaming of. This can make you feel like giving up but as you know you can’t win if you don’t enter.

However, just because you aren’t winning those large, dream prizes, it doesn’t mean you aren’t winning those smaller prizes, which you should celebrate.

excited competition

We don’t start entering online competitions just to win a free cup of coffee or a pin, for instance, and these type of prizes are easy to overlook when we are actually hoping to win a new car or a large sum of money.

So, when you get an email saying congratulations, but it’s not for a high valued prize, you may feel discouraged, but remember a win is a win.

Here is why you should celebrate those small wins.

It Shows You Can Win

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to keep entering online competitions when you not winning anything and even harder to keep going if you don’t count those small wins as real wins.

If you only enter online competitions that offer huge prizes then it can take a lot longer to win, which means you have more time to become discouraged. However, if you enter and get excited about small prizes, you will feel more motivated to carry on entering.

These small wins show that you are able to win and can be successful at winning competitions and that big prize, you have been dreaming of might just be around the corner.

Use Your Small Wins

We would all love to get our hands on a big prize like a dream holiday or a home makeover, but small wins can also be super useful, especially if you are trying to save money.

Tickets to a movie, won’t change your life but they can give you a free and fun night out that you haven’t had to pay for. If you win a grocery voucher you can treat your family to a treat or get your monthly groceries for free that can then save you money.

There are a number of small prizes that can help you to save money and that money you save can go towards paying off your debt or you can get something that you really need.

There are more reasons why small prizes are so great…

Give them as Gifts

Small prizes can also make great gifts. These small prizes allow you to give gifts to those that you love and you may not have been able to afford these usually.

Some smaller prizes that make great gifts are jewellery, perfumes, gift vouchers for clothing stores etc. and even game consoles. You might even be able to gather even smaller prizes and create thoughtful gift baskets.

If you don’t have any use for a smaller prize or someone’s birthday is coming up then why not give them one of these smaller prizes as they do make great presents.

Time to Get Excited

Small prizes are exciting. When that parcel arrives at your doorstep and you weren’t expecting it, it comes as a nice surprise.

Larger prizes will not arrive unannounced as the sponsors will first need to verify your identity and other such things before they hand over the prize.

Also, it’s great to see that Congratulations message pop up when you enter an instant win competition. These prizes aren’t massive prizes but they still get your heart racing and you will feel thrilled that you have won something.

Get Ready for the Big Wins

It would be pretty terrible if you won a big prize, but didn’t get it because you had no idea what a win notification looked like or wasn’t aware that you had to fill out a form to claim the prize.

Small prizes will help you to become prepared for big wins as they teach you what to expect when you win a prize. They will make sure that you keep checking your email for those win notifications and you will know what to do once you have won.

You then shouldn’t feel bad that the prizes you have won so far are only small, because remember a win is a win and as long as you are winning a big prize could just be around the corner.

Small prizes shouldn’t just be written off because you actually want the big prize. Every win that you get is exciting no matter how big or small the prize is. These smaller prizes will keep you motivated to carry on entering online competitions. Enjoy your smaller prizes and be grateful for them. Remember you can’t win unless you enter.

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