What to Look for in Competition Rules

Competition sponsors value their rules and each competition will have its own set of guidelines, which entrants will need to follow in order to have a chance to win. You will need to go through the rules thoroughly, so you can avoid being disqualified. You will need to make sure that you fit the criteria and are eligible to enter before you fill out the entry form.

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Who is Able to Enter

Online competitions will have their own restrictions on who is able to enter, so you will need to look for these restrictions to ensure that you can enter.

The first restriction might be your place of residence. There are some competitions that may restrict entrants based on country, province or even by cities.

The second restriction that might be imposed is the age of the entrants. You will find that the majority of competitions are restricted to people that are 18 years and above. However, there are children only competitions and some competitions are only targeted at a certain age group. You need to make sure that you fit within these age groups.

The third restriction is the gender. Some competitions are only open to men and others only to women. You should ensure your gender is not restricted.

The last restriction on who is able to enter is that employees or family members of employees of the sponsor are not allowed to enter.

Entry Frequency

Competitions usually have an entry frequency and will disqualify those that go over these limits. You need to make sure that you only enter the number of times that you are allowed.

There are competitions that will only allow you to enter once, which means everyone has one chance to win and if you enter more than this then you might be disqualified.

You might be able to enter once a day, so set a reminder each day to remind you to enter so you can increase your chances.

A 24-hour entry frequency means that you can enter every 24 hours, so if you entered at 10am on one day then you can only enter again after this time and if you enter before this then you might be disqualified.

Other entry frequencies include weekly entry where you can enter once a week, monthly entries when you can enter once every month, numbered entries where you only have a certain number of entries that can be used at any time and unlimited entries where you can enter as many times as you like.

Wait…There are some more rules you need to know…

How About the Family?

There are competitions that will have restrictions on family members or people living together entering.

These restrictions might be per person so each individual can enter a certain amount of times, restrictions per household that is a household of all people who share the same address regardless of if they are related, restrictions per email means that the same person can enter more than once if they use different email addresses and restrictions per IP that means that those who share the same internet connection aren’t able to enter the same competition more than once.

These restrictions can also be combined, so check the rules and ensure you understand these restrictions.

How do I Enter

Competitions may have a number of different entry requirements. You may have to fill out a survey, answer trivia questions, attach a photograph, click a link and so one. You need to follow the entry rules otherwise you might be disqualified.

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Another aspect that you will need to check in the rules is the entry period. You need to know when the competition starts and ends. If you send an entry outside of this period then you will be disqualified.

Other Things You Need to Know

There are some competitions that will disqualify you for using form filling software, for using an entry form that is not from the sites homepage and other such things. You will find all prohibitions, restrictions and guidelines in the rules for the competition.

The most important rule to follow is that you should never try to cheat a competition as you will most likely be caught for breaking the rules. You will be disqualified from the current competition and your name could also be added to a blacklist so you won’t be able to win any competition in the future.

Read all the rules, make sure you understand them and evaluate if you are able to enter. Do not break the rules as this will lead to disqualification, but otherwise good luck and hopefully you will be a lucky winner.


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