What Happens when you Win a Competition

What Happens when you Win a Competition

If you are wondering what’s happens after you win a prize then here is what you can expect according to ompersgrapevine.co.uk.



Win Notification

You will receive a win notification which is the first sign that you have won a prize. You will need to read this win notification carefully though. This is to ensure that there is nothing else that you need to do before you receive your prize.

Verify your Win

You will need to ensure that the win notification that you have received is legitimate and not a scam. You will then need to verify the win.

Record your Prize

You should make a record of your prize so that you don’t forget the details. The notification should include all the information that you need about the contest and prize.

An Affidavit

An affidavit may need to be filled in that you will receive with your win notification. You will need to fill this out and return it before you get your prize. This is to verify your details and gives the sponsor information for their tax obligation.

Follow up with the Sponsor

You should contact the sponsor after a certain amount of time to ensure they received the affidavit.

Send a Thank You

It is a nice idea to send a letter of appreciation to the sponsor. This could encourage the sponsor to host more competitions.

Check your Wins

By tracking your wins you should have an idea as to when you can expect your prize. If you haven’t received your prize then you should contact the sponsor to follow up.


If you are in the US and your prize is valued at less than $60 then it will need to be listed on your tax return.

The Prize

The best thing about winning a competition is getting your prize. You will get your prize in the mail and there is no better feeling then has it arrive at your door.


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