Things that aren’t Signs of Sweepstakes Scams

Things that aren’t Signs of Sweepstakes Scams

It is important to be aware of sweepstake scams, but there are some that are afraid to replay to real win notices because of normal sweepstake practices. Here is a look at things that aren’t signs of sweepstakes

Asking Winners for a Social Security Number or ID

You do need to be careful about giving your ID number or social security number out, but it is normal for sponsors to request this in order to verify their winners.

Asking for a Notarized Affidavit for Small Wins

There is a misconception that sponsors may only ask for affidavits for prizes that are worth a lot, but they can ask for affidavits for smaller prizes as well.

Win Notification Arrives by E-Mail

Winners are usually notified of their wins via telephone or post, but receiving an e-mail win notification is also a legitimate way to notify winners.

Your Name is misspelt on your Winning Letter or Email

If the winning email you receive doesn’t even have your name then that is a red flag. A misspelling in your name isn’t a great sign, but it could also mean that you made a typo when you filled out the entry form or the sponsor made a typo when they typed your notification. These things do happen so it is not a sure way to say if it is a scam.

Paying Port Taxes, Hotel Room Taxes or Other Special Vacation Taxes

Generally when you are asked to pay taxes to a sweepstake sponsor instead of to the tax authority then it is a sign that it’s a scam, but the exception is some taxes on vacation prizes.

You need to be alert of sweepstake scams, but you also should let your wins pass you by because you think some things are a little strange even though they are normal and form part of the win notification process.

If you are unsure, verify your wins before you respond and if you have any questions then ask.



  1. Elmarie Boshoff says

    I received a sms stating that I won a VW Polo. When I contacted the nr given for claiming the car I was informed that I have to deposit R1988.00 into a bank account to cover the delivery and insurance. Is this correct?

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