Take Winning Photos and Win Photography Competitions

Photography competitions are a lot of fun as you get to stretch your creative skills and improve your photography in order to win a prize.

The best thing about these competitions is that you don’t need to have expensive equipment or be a professional so you can enter and win. However, these competitions are not always easy to win as many people will enter because taking photos nowadays is easier than ever with many smartphones offering exceptional quality.

If you have found a photography competition that you would like to enter, then take a look at these tips that will increase your chances of winning.

Read the Rules and Stick to the Rules

You will be tempted to just start snapping pics, but before you do, you need to go through the rules carefully. If you want the chance to win then you must read the rules. This is because many competitions will have certain requirements pertaining to the photos that they will accept.

Rules in a photo contest may include things like do not include other brands and logos, that it must contain a certain product, it must be about a certain subject and so on.

Check How They Going to Judge

Whilst you are reading the rules of the competition and ensuring that you are eligible to win, you should also look at the criteria that the judges will use to pick a winner. This is important to know because you will be able to tailor your photograph entry to what the judges are looking for, which will result in your chances of winning being higher.

When it’s Appropriate, Use the Sponsors Products in the Shot

When it is possible and as long as it fits the competition’s theme, you should try and incorporate the sponsor’s products into your picture.

This can be subtle depending on the rules of the competition like you could feature the product in the background of your photo, for instance.

Wait…There are more things to know before you enter a photo contest…

Improve Your Photography

You do not need to be a professional photographer in order to win a photo competition, but there are some easy ways that you can improve your photography. You should have a look for simple techniques that will enhance your photography and give you a better chance of winning.

What’s in the Back

You need to pay attention to your background when you are taking a photo. You could have taken the ideal picture, but there is something in the background that throws the entire photo off and you aren’t able to enter it. So, before you submit your photo, ensure that everything in it looks right.

Try Different Distances

A rookie mistake is to take a picture from far away, which leaves a lot of background that isn’t necessary. It is often better to get closer and allow your subject to fill the shot. If your original photo is too distant, you are able to crop the photo to achieve the same result.

However, that is not to say that a beautiful background with the subject playing a smaller part is bad, but play around with the distance and see what you think is best.

Pay Attention to your Height

You need to be aware of your height, especially if you are taking pictures of children, pets and other things smaller than you. When you take a shot and look down, the subject will feel small and disproportionate. You should rather get on the level of your subject for a closer more intimate look.

Adults, though tend to look best when they are looking up at the camera. You should experiment and see what works.

Don’t miss these extra tips to win…

Watch the Light

Shadows or glare from bright lights can make a picture perfect photo look terrible. You should try and take pictures early in the morning, on a cloudy day or just before sunset. You can fill in shadows on faces or irregular surfaces on a bright day by putting the flash on. If you are taking photos inside then you will need to experiment with the light to get the best picture.

Let Your Photo Tell a Story

Most photo contests will have a theme, so you will need to stick to this, but you can improve your entry by telling a story with your photo.

If you are allowed to add a title or a caption to your photo then you can use this to reinforce your story.

Take Plenty of Photos

Never just settle for a single shot, rather take dozens of photos. You should move around a bit, try shooting the same subject from multiple angles, try various lighting and take photos at various times of the day.

You will want your picture to stand out from all the others, so go for something that is a little different or uses a different composition etc.

Photo competitions are fun and if the competition is being held on a public platform like Facebook, you may have a chance to see other entries, which will give you an idea of what you will need to beat. Take lots of photos and ensure that you stick to the rules so that your amazing photo doesn’t get disqualified.


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