Online Competitions That You Shouldn’t Enter

There are a number of different types of competitions with some offering huge prizes like a car and others offering smaller prizes like vouchers, books and other such things. It can be tempting to just enter every single online competition that you can find, because of course the more that you enter the better your chances of winning.

However, if you enter every single competition you come across, you may end up winning stuff that you don’t want and you will waste time entering these competitions.

Here are online competitions that you shouldn’t enter.

Competitions That You’re Not Eligible For

When the prizes are so great it can be tempting to enter a competition that you are not eligible to win. You might think that the sponsors won’t notice that you do not qualify for the competition, but the fact is you should avoid comps that you can’t win.

Sponsors make sure that the winners have followed the rules and it can be crushing to receive a win notification for an awesome prize for it to only be taken away when they see you are not eligible.

Also, it is just a waste of time and also a waste of time for the sponsors, because if they receive too many ineligible entries that they need to go through they could become discouraged and won’t offer giveaways in the future.

Competitions That Offer Trips You Can’t Take

If you are about to enter an online competition that offers a trip as a prize, just take a moment to check the rules to see if there is a specific travel date. These travel dates are usually soon after the competition ends or the trip will be over dates that you can’t make.

If you think that you will not be able to make the travel dates specified then you shouldn’t enter the competition. However, if there are other prizes that you want up for grabs then it might be worth entering and if you win the trip, you can decline it.

Wait…there is more to know…

Competitions That Are Giving Away Prizes That You Can’t Use

A win is a win, true, but entering competitions that offer prizes that you don’t really want or need could just result in you collecting junk and you will just waste your time.

There are times where you will be able to sell the prizes, but you will need to put in the time and the effort to do this. This time could be spent entering more competitions and winning prizes that you really want.

You should then skip the competitions that offer prizes that you don’t really want and focus your time on the ones that do.

Competitions With Prizes That Add Up

Even though a prize is free they can sometimes carry related expenses that can add up.

Let’s say you win a cruise, which includes meals and your room, you will still need to pay for your airfare to the port, any extra excursions on shore and other such things.

It is then a good idea to read the prize descriptions and see what is and isn’t included in the prize. You will then need to determine if the related expenses are something that you can afford to pay and that you are comfortable paying.

If you do win a prize that you don’t want or can’t use then you are able to turn it down when the sponsor contacts you.

You may find that you win the main prize when you actually wanted one of the smaller prizes or your situation may change from the time that you entered to the time where you receive the prize. There is nothing wrong with turning down a prize, but rather take a moment and read the rules and decide if the competition is worthwhile and save yourself and the sponsors time.

Focus on finding the prizes that you really want to win and enter these competitions as much as you are allowed to. Make sure that you are eligible to win the prize, so you do not get disqualified if you do win. Always read the rules before you enter and good luck.



  1. Elmarie Boshoff says

    I received a sms stating that I won a VW Polo. When I contacted the nr given for claiming the car I was informed that I have to deposit R1988.00 into a bank account to cover delivery and insurance. Is this correct?

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