Losing Hope…Beat The Burnout…You Never Know When Lady Luck is on Your Side

If you starting to feel like lady luck is not on your side, that you are just wasting your time entering competition after competition and that you will never win then you are facing a comper burnout.

One of the main ingredients to winning online competitions is to have persistence, to keep entering even if you don’t feel like you will ever win, but the fact is you will have no chance to win if you don’t enter.

Here are some tips that can revitalise your love of online competitions. 

Time to Amp It Up

You should try and motivate yourself to enter more online competitions instead of fewer. This is because the ultimate cure to the burnout is to win a prize, even if it is just a small prize like a t-shirt or something. The more competitions that you enter the higher your chances are of winning a prize. 

You should add some competitions with good odds to your usual daily competition entering routine, even if the prize is smaller. You should also look for online competitions that give away lots of prizes. 

Why Wait When You Can Win

Online competitions that have instant wins can help you to fight the burnout because you are notified immediately if you have won a prize. With these types of online competitions, there is no waiting for the competition to end and for a name to be drawn and so on. You will know straight away if you have won and this can give you the boost you need. 

Try Your Creative Skills 

A creative competition does take more time than a form filling online competition but these competitions can definitely be worth entering. With a creative competition, you are able to express your inner chef, photographer or writer and they have higher odds of winning a prize. The prizes that these competitions offer can be huge. 

Break the Routine

There are times where you just can’t be bothered to enter the same competitions day after day and making yourself do it, won’t make you happier about it. You are allowed to cut back on your daily entries or you can swop these for new online competitions. You can even try entering at a different time or take your laptop and enter from somewhere scenic or different to your usual spot. This can help to make entering online competitions fun again. 

Try a Different Prize

If you have been focusing all your efforts on winning large prizes, then maybe its time to switch and start entering to win smaller prizes and lesser known contests as these will have a higher chance for you to win. Small prizes are still a win and can help you to stay motivated. 

Get Social with Your Comping

There are a number of companies that are now using social media to run their competitions. If you are not having any luck with your normal route to online competitions, then why not switch and look at competitions that you can enter on social media. 

It’s Meant to Be Fun

You may find that the key to staying motivated and entering online competitions is just having more fun when entering. You can jazz up your entering space with lucky charms, play some music or create a vision board to keep you motivated. 

Breakaway for A While

If you are still stuck in a rut, then just take a break. Entering competitions is just a hobby and it should be fun. So, if you are not having fun then maybe you just need to take a break. There will always be online competitions to enter, so when you go back to comping, you will find new and exciting comps to enter. 

Entering online competitions is fun and you have a chance to win great prizes, but if you feel like giving up then find a way to keep yourself motivated because you never know when it might be your lucky day.

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