How to get more YouTube Views

How to Get more YouTube Views

One social platform where you are able to upload videos to and have many people view them is YouTube. When a user watches your video you will get a view. The more views that your video receives, then the more popular it becomes.

You can gather  more views for your YouTube video by following some simple and easy steps.

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Getting more YouTube Views

  1. Once you have created your video you should save it under a file name that contains the keywords of your video. This should be done before your upload the video to YouTube.
  2. When you create the title of your video it should not only be appealing but also contain the keywords that you will be using for your video. The keywords will need to be relevant to your video. You can have a look on YouTube to view other videos that have used your intended keywords and adapt these. This could land you on the related video part which will help you in getting more views.
  3. On YouTube you will notice that there is a video description part that you should actually fill out and put your keywords in the description. The description should inform users about what the video is about.
  4. there is also a tag section where you can place your keywords as well. The tag section will allow your video to be tagged according to your keywords. This helps with the SEO of your video and your video will then be shown in the results page of search engines. Internet traffic will then be directed towards your video which will result in more YouTube views.
  5. In the first week after you have uploaded your YouTube video you will be given the opportunity to improve the videos ranking. You can do this by sharing the video on other social media platforms and you can email the video to people that you know asking them to send it on.
  6. You are able to get more views on your YouTube video when you allow sharing, embedding of the video and comments.

People like to be hear and the chance to make a comment about the video. Comments create conversation and can also encourage users to keep coming back to your video.

Users can also link your video to their video when you allow video responses which can then generate more YouTube views.

Your video can also be embedded which means that a user places the video on their website and this will then create more views for your video.


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