How Charities can use Vine

How Charities can use Vine

One of the newer mobile applications that are out is Vine, where users are able to create a six second video and share them via Twitter and Facebook. Charities are able to make use of Vine and bring awareness towards their charity.


How Charities can use Vine

  1. Fundraising

Charities are always looking at their Facebook and Twitter so that they can encourage donations and Vine seems like an extension of this. As Vine uses short clips they have the potential to grab the attention of potential donors. Charities need to look at refining their message so that viewers are able to understand what it is that the organisation does and how they are able to help.

As there is a time constraint on Vine, it means that charities will need to get creative to create a Vine video.

  1. Awareness

Charities are able to communicate information about their work through the use of a Vine. Diabetes UK used Vine to summarise the four major symptoms of Type 1 diabetes.

  1. Interaction

Charities are able to interact with users through asking them to create content. For instance Asthma UK used Vine to encourage donors to create a video response about how they would celebrate if a cure to asthma was found. They used Vine and also had a prize for the best celebration (

This type of interaction will bring content to the charities Vine page and get users involved with the charity.

  1. Recruitment

If your charity are looking for a new employee or volunteer they can turn to Vine like that of Dogs Trust. You can use Vine to create quick and informative Vines. These Vines can direct viewers to the organisation job site where they are able to learn more. Even though you will not be able to describe the entire job, you are able to let people know that you are recruiting.

  1. Events

You are able to involve your followers with Vine by asking them to create Vines that support your work.

You can ask them to post clips of fundraising work they have done or to create Vines of events that they have created. By choosing to involve followers like this is that they will most likely share the content that they have created with their own audience as well as yours.


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