Great Gifts That You Can Win From Competitions

You will find that sponsors will give out the same prizes over and over again because they are popular with people and people love to receive these prizes. Sponsors know that by giving away these prizes they will have a good draw for their competitions. As these are popular prizes, it also means that they make great gifts. Take a look at these popular prizes that are always being given away that make great gifts for special occasions and because they are given away constantly they are also easier to win.

Game Consoles

Game consoles provide hours of entertainment for everyone. They offer amazing graphics, awesome sound and immersive story telling. These make great gifts for young and old and you will usually find a number of competitions that are giving away a games console as their main prize.

The Gift of Music

Everybody loves music and MP3 players are able to hold hundreds of songs and newer ones can even store video clips and movies on a tiny device that is completely portable. The prices on these devices are high, which makes them more than a casual purchase but they are still low enough for sponsors to give them away as prizes.

Say Cheese

Digital cameras are great presents and with the advancements, in technology, these devices are always being upgraded. Even if your loved ones have a digital camera already, a newer model that takes better pictures and offers greater functionality will often be appreciated. Sponsors love to give these as prizes, because so many people want to get their hands on a new digital camera.

Fashion Gifts

Fashion is constantly changing and there are always new trends in clothing, makeup and accessories and it can be hard to keep up with all these trends unless you manage to win an awesome fashion prize. Many of these types of prizes are given away as vouchers, but you can also find giveaways for makeup, bags and clothes. These can make great gifts for your fashion-conscious friends and family.

A Good Read

There are plenty of books being given away each and every month. Authors will often use a book prize to get people interested in their stories and tell others about the book. If you know a bookworm then a fantastic book is the perfect gift to win and give as a gift.

Wait… There are more great gifts…

Toys and Games

Toys and games are popular prizes with sponsors. These prizes are attractive among parents as they can treat their kids to a new toy and some of us adults still love to play games, especially board games, craft games, video games and more. As much as you love winning these type of prizes, people also love to receive them as gifts.

Keep in Touch

Cell phones are becoming more and more advanced and plenty of people are dying to get their hands on the latest models. Smartphones are a great prize to win and they also make an amazing gift to give.


Everybody deserves a night out once in a while, whether it’s to the movies or the theatre and when you don’t have to pay for the night out then it is even better. There are competitions that give away tickets to a show or a movie and these can also make great gifts.


There are plenty of online competitions that giveaway vouchers to all sorts of things. You are able to find fashion vouchers, food vouchers, electronic vouchers and more. These vouchers can buy you something new or can be put towards an item that you would usually not be able to afford. These vouchers also make great gifts as everyone loves to receive essentially free money to their favourite store.


There are some people that love to receive cash as a present and if not then you can win some cash, which will then allow you to buy presents for other people. Trying to win some cash is a great way to do gift shopping without having to put a dent in your own wallet.

There are numerous online competitions that offer amazing prizes and even though you might not want the prize, you may know someone that would and you can give it as a gift if you are drawn as the lucky winner.

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