Win R2000 in Cash

Win R2000 in Cash
Competition Ends In: 11 days

Stand a chance to Win R2000 in Cash with Consumer Surveys.

Do you need a little extra cash? You could get your hands on R2000 in cash which will make life a little easier.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. I need this money to do a driver licence

  2. it would really help me to win this cash for my daughters high school registration fees


  4. Annah 30-August-2017 16:51 I need that money to my fees

  5. Yonnie Y Jay says:

    I am unemployed been struggling to find work have debts wil be content if i get the money

  6. I will really appreciate to win that R2000 cash, I’m not working. I wanna buy my self shoes and something for the stomach in the house.

  7. I will be very happy to win the cash because my son is gratuating and im unemployed this will really help

  8. I need this money to buy stationery and to get my self a new school uniform

  9. I will Appreciate to win this money R2000,I need to do the registration

  10. I will Appreciate to win this money R2000,I want to do registration

  11. I need this money to take care of my children

  12. I need this money so that I ca take care of my child I’m not working.

  13. I like to be a winner to spoil my granny

  14. I need cash to buy food because I’m employee I’m straggling.

  15. I want to win the money for my grandma so that I can get her to a special doctor

  16. I like to win it

  17. I would really like to win this money so then i can be able to pay for my registration of modelling at December,pay for makeups and buy new clothes so then i can fulfil my dreams

  18. I would be very grateful if I win this competition. I will use the money to buy my little sisters and brothers food.

  19. I need a money

  20. If I win this money I give my grandparents the money because there need it there do a lot for me and my sick brother that’s not well he has a kidney failure

  21. if ican win this money ican buy food at home coz the lots of children and am living with my grandmother and there are 3children are getting e grant and my grandmother and the food we are buying are not last month

  22. James Dean says:

    A lot of people complaining and begging in the comments.

  23. I need a niw

  24. Madeline Masenyabu says:

    I need money to buy clothes

  25. Madeline Masenyabu says:

    I need money is December month

  26. Mphiliseni says:

    I really need this money,so i can buy me and my sister uniform,stationery and to put some food on the table.

  27. Oh GOD!! I need this money because I want to
    support my child cz I’m not working

  28. OH GOD!!I I need this money to support my child coz I’m not working

  29. Silindile says:

    I will wish to win this money to see a doctor so that I can have my head segury before schools poem to be able to have good result in school and make bullies stop bulling me and how entry minded I am plz

  30. I need the money to bay my husband a birthday present.

  31. I would love to win to pay my debts thanks!

  32. I need this money to pay my debts

  33. I need money to pay my son’s re gistration fee at schook.

  34. I’d love to get that money to save

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