Win R20 000 in Cash

Win R20 000 Cash
Competition Ends In: 1 day

Stand a chance to Win R20 000 in Cash with JustPlay.

End 2018 with a bang! You could get your hands on R20 000 in cash and use it on anything you want!

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. I would like to win 20000 so I can full fill my fimily’s dream thank you

  2. Thandazo says I like to win R20 000 I could start a business

  3. I’d like to win so that I can have everything I need

  4. I would like to win R20000 so I can use it for my studies at Open windows institute
    film and arts.

  5. goolam f sheikjee says:

    I’m unemployed have 4 kids living with mom she pensioner we barely survive it will really help with our basic needs be school fees for my kids

  6. Tshehla Geelboy says:

    I would like to win this competition because poverty has stricken me I am poor I want to have a wonderful Christmas with my family

  7. GCOBANI Witness says:

    To win the competion ican buy house for my wife and my boys staying in Wendy house it’s mesd

  8. With this money I want to fulfil my dreams

  9. I would like to win becouse i realy need the money i and my partner need to make our passport

  10. I nid the money cz I have baby to look after I am not employed I stay with ma daughter

  11. Thandazile says:

    Plz God give me this money so dat ill do bathroom n toilet renovation for the erlderly home that i run Amen!

  12. I will settle my debt with the college, and spoil my baby girl with the change.It will definitely be an awsome Christmas for me.Stressfree knowing I’ll be able to finish my HR Course next year and get myself a better job.

  13. I would like this money so I can put some into charity and S.P.C.A

  14. Rirhandzubaloyi says:

    I want this money so that l can help my son to study

  15. I would like to win this money to help my late sister’s daughter,to go to school

  16. Thobile October 25 at 4:05 pm . I would like to win this money so that I can buy for Christmas shopping for my family and saving other left in order my for me to go to varsity next year.

  17. I would like to win 20 000:so i can help the needy& mysel. Pearl

  18. I would Love to win to be sure this is not a scam, because i have been entering for years.and never won not even a voucher

  19. I would like to win so that I could start a business for my self. Thank you!

  20. I will like to win the R20000 so that my son can go to study at university nd buy food for the young ones for Christmas cox not working and single parents

  21. This will help me finishing my course nd help my mom nd my son

  22. I want to start a business

  23. With this money I would spoil my kids and my mommy

  24. With this money I would pay my child’s school fees for the year of 2019.

  25. I would love to win the money to pay my account and go see my dentist for I do not have z medical aid.

  26. I would really really love to win the money so I could buy my kids and my siblings something nice for Christmas and New school uniforms so they could look good at schools next year

  27. Im so thankful for winning the R20000,u guys are great.much appreciated… What an amazing gift.

  28. Emma iwant to win 20000 to spoil my family

  29. Hy it’s Anita I would love to win 20 000 to renovate my mom’s house and to spoil my family this festive season and to pay my son school fees

  30. Rlrhandzu Margreth Baloyl says:

    My name ls RIrhandzu to win R20000 so I can fix my h0use

  31. This will be life changing

  32. I would like to win R20000 so that Ican provide ,make a change in life and so that ican stop depending on my family

  33. Nthabeleng says:

    I will like to win that R20 000 to help my mother to buy furniture.I really want to see the smile on her face this December.Thank you

  34. I would love to win
    I just had my first born and i would love to spoil my little princess this Christmas🎄

  35. I would like to win this R2000 to spoil my family

  36. Lungile Khanye says:

    I would be so grateful to win the money as where I’m staying its a one room and very cramped with 3 kids and twins on the way having a spacious home would be a perfect gift this Xmas.

  37. That would be amazing thing if God helped me to win this competition the first i can do is to buy a new home live this mkhukhu

  38. It would be a great pleaser to win so that i can fullfil my dreams…the dream i have is to persuade my studies.

  39. ntombifuthi says:

    I like to win. I will buy my kids Christmas. Clothes their father passed away. And I don’t have enough money to support them they also gonna be happy if I’m winning

  40. Amalia Stewe says:

    I would love to win,because I really need this.My mon and dad is workless and it will mean alot to me

  41. I will be happy if i win this money so that i can spoil my family nd help my mother with house window

  42. Nomhle Patricia says:

    I pray I could win R20.000. I never win any competition in my life. Only one thing I wish to win is for my daughter to finish her studies. Nothing more just to but her laptop that will make me n her happy

  43. Nthabeleng says:

    I would like to win R20 000 because i want to help my mom buy new furniture this year.Thank you

    • Nthabeleng says:

      I would like to win R20 000 because i just want to see the smile on my mother’s face when i buy her new furniture she will be very happy.Thank you

  44. Annie Lawson says:

    I would love to go and see my family whom I haven’t seen for 10+years!

  45. It will be a pleasure if I win cause I need the cash to build the project of my life.

  46. I would like to win R20 000 because i want to make a difference to my family this year so that we can buy new furniture and i will be so happy if my mom is happy.Thank you

  47. Anthea Goliath says:

    Hope to win

  48. I want to win this 20 000 ,my dream was to unite ,do a family gathering, so that we can know each other.

  49. Mmhh if i were to win this cash prize, i would pay my varsity fee so that i would see my result and continue with my course by registering for next year and ofcourse i wont lie i would also buy myself clothes. Thank you

  50. Wish to win the 20,000 to buy my daughter stationary and uniform for next year.

  51. Win 20,000,that WOuld be a blessing for a mother ,single parent of 3,.only god knows how much diffrents that would make.if only!

  52. I would like to win because I really need the money and ihave daughter she’s going to start next year grade r.i am not employed and i have no money to buy Christmas gross.thank you

  53. I would like to win 20 000 because my mom have 9 children and we are living in a 3 room so I wish to win to extend my mother’s house to live better thank yo

  54. I would like to be a winner on this competition because my parants are not working have got 9 children and we’re living in a 3 room i wish to be a helper of my family I have self confidence i will extend my home to be better

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