Win a Massive R30 000

Win a Massive R30 000
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Stand a chance to Win a Massive R30 000 with JustPlay.

End the year off with a massive amount of cash. You could get your hands on R30 000 and spend it how you like.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. I can help the power people

  2. I will be happiest women in the world if I will be the one I’ve bean entered for just play for about a year now buy having a fill, I will be a winner one day but I dint win even though I don’t loose hope I will be a winner one day and with a huge of amount or a car.

  3. I have played on this site justplay for about a year now and still nothing not even once ,I am starting to think its not real

  4. Hi,it would be a blessing to win this,it would change my families life. My husband is the only one that works, we have too kids ,and we also live with his mother. They had an accident on the 20 of Nov,his mom got hurt, and my son a neck bumb coz he as no car seat ,now we must pay car twice to be fixed because without it he has no job,but theres no rent money and Christmas lunch money,no Christmas clothes and no gift. We haven’t paid or rent and daycare fees,i just want a blessing this festiveThis money would help us so we have a good festive.

  5. I am a 21 year old fashion student and if I win this money I would use it to pay for my studies next year as I will be doing my final year. there is going to be a lot of money spending and my mum is a single parent so basically next year I need to make my collection for my final year which will be showcased at my graduation ceremony so this will mean that my mum will have to spend a lot of money of which I know it’s going to be a struggle so me winning this money will really help me a lot. Due to The fact that there will be a lot of fabric buying material for h The fact that there will be a lot of fabric buying material for hats shoes to go with my garments for the models.

  6. U never know when will be your lucky day!!! Thumbs crossed!!!!

  7. Don’t loose hope justplay and you are the one of the winner and lucky day

  8. Simangele says:

    I will be so happy if i entered. I also have hope for winning

  9. If it happen I win….first thing will be investiing few 1000s for my kids n the one that left will help me with feeding them sinse jobs are not easly to be found…this will really help me a lot.

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