It’s Your Time to Win Money

We all love money, after all, without it, we wouldn’t be able to buy anything! If you could do with some extra money in your wallet, then check out these win money competitions.

Win R30 000

This is the top money competition right now where you could get your hands on a massive R30 000 in cash! What would you do with all that money?

Competition closes – 14th December 2017

Win R2000

We could all do with some extra money and R2000 is nothing to sniff at. You can use the money how you like whether you need to pay a bill or you just want to treat yourself.

Competition closes – 23rd August 2017

Win R4000

R4000 can go a long way and you could get your hands on this nice chunk of change in cash. All you have to do is enter.

Competition closes – 25th August 2017

Win R6000

What would you do with a free R6000? You could get your hands on R6000 in cash and spend it how you like or you could save it for a rainy day.

Competition closes – 30th August 2017

Win R5000

With Christmas fast approaching, you might need some extra cash so you can get those gifts and festive foods. R5000 can go a long way in helping you this Christmas.

Competition closes – 12th October 2017

Keep an eye for new competitions that you can enter for free and hopefully, you will get lucky.


  1. This money could help me a lot on spoiling my kids for the first time

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