Win a Samsung J5 LTE 8GB Smartphone

Win a Samsung J5 LTE 8GB Smartphone
Competition Ends In: 11 days

Stand a chance to Win a Samsung J5 LTE 8GB Smartphone with Consumer Surveys.

Do you need a new phone? You could get your hands on the Samsung J5 LTE 8GB Smartphone that is packed with the latest tech and offers a slim design.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. I want to win smart phone cz I’m still using Nokia Asha

  2. I wound like to win the great j5 phone because I love the best great of Samsung I use the tab 3 lite and it has wrinkle it give a hard time in receiving convenient calls thank you

  3. I would like to win this J5 smart phone for my mother and thank her for all the things she did for me

  4. I would like to win this j5 smart phone for my mother and thank her for all she has done for and because its gonna be her birthday soon

  5. Trusty Gumede says:

    All my life never have a new cell phone

  6. I’ll be glad to win Samsung J5 because it gonna make my work easy on Goodling information on internet for school work

  7. Joseph rasegau says:

    I want to win sumsung j5, i really love it

  8. nompumelelo says:

    i would like to win sumsung j5 smart phone bcouse ive lost my sumsung phone that i loved so much

  9. I would like to win this phone because Samsung J5 it’s better smart phone that it have strong imagination of new technology life styles and generally it’s good phone were it can make things easier .

  10. I want to win this phone because i always wanted this phone besides it will help during the time of applying to study and this phone have good in photo and also quality in some other stuff and well-designing…

  11. Thobeka jili says:

    Sumsung makes life easier when its to cellphone, social networks, it camera it just on top and more, I would like to win myself one ,it is stylish

  12. Hope I Win I would be so happy I have never won anything and they probably won’t pick me anyway fingers crossed

  13. I will like to win smart phone bcz am still using Nokia x2

  14. I will be happy to win smart phone bcz i still using Nokia x2

  15. Like I’ve said please don’t make this a scam I am currently using a j1 n as yu know this is one of the oldest phone it’s freezing on me trust n plus 😂trust me it got scars anyway Id like to win cause my friends and family are telling me this is a scam n plus I just wanna see of it is or maybe their wrong cause I entered last week for the iPhone apparently we still don’t know who won

  16. I have never expirienced a samsunmg smartphone.i would to be the winner because the phone will give me internet access,to do my school work

  17. I would like to win this phone coz i need it seriously
    Because next year I’ll be matric i have to use it for internet and to find ways on how to apply for bursary and to search for more info on my career
    Iwill be very happy to get this smartphone

  18. Samuel Maseko says:

    I need this phone as my phone is getting tired and m still waiting for samsung galaxy to deliver the one for testimg

  19. I just wnt to say thank you for the my new fone God Bless You.

  20. I can’t wait to get my price thank you very much.

  21. My poor son is using a Samsung S3 and it is old now and on its way out. He is in Grade 12 this year and cannot afford to upgrade his phone. Samsung is so easy and versatile to use and therefore he does not want to look elsewhere so would so appreciate continuing with using this make of phone.

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