Win Solar-Powered Chargers from Suntrica

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Are you looking for an easier way to recharge your modern mobile gadgets while on the go?

Portable SolarStrap solar powered chargers from Suntrica are the best solution. Adventurers can choose on two fantastic models; SS-W204 which is made for iPhones and iPods and the amazing SS-W100 that has 3 tips (Motorola micro-USB, mini-USB and Nokia 2.1mm). Both models known for indestructible and flexible solar panels and powerful lithium polymer battery packs that has brilliant charge control electronics.

SS-W100 weighs around 85 grams and can give the user of at least one hour of talk time after solar-charging for one hour while SS-W204 come in your favourite funky colours and gives the user at least 16 minutes of talk time. Both models can be charged via USB port or on a car’s 12V auxiliary sockets.

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