Win a VW Polo Vivo

Win a VW Polo Vivo
Competition Has Ended

Stand a chance to Win a VW Polo Vivo with King Price.

You could get your hands on the spunky VW Polo Vivo worth R175 000 and go everywhere you need to go in style.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. Win VW Polo Vivo

  2. I would love to own my own car one day.

  3. Mona Kock says:

    Mona Kock
    I am 50 Years old and never owned my own car
    Being a single mum of 2 I would be soooooooooooooo blessed to have my own car


    I’d love to win one vw,

  5. i play so long but i did’nt win anything

  6. I don’t have a car and I believe in God that He is going to make me win this car

    • I am divorced,64 years old, white woman, with hip replacement done last year, without a car. Because I had to sell my car to pay my court debt when I divorced, after 21 years of marriage. I pray for a wonder, because I have so much pain when I walk with a walker. I pray for help, any type of help will help me. PLEASE……

  7. Kelebogile says:

    I would like to win this car because I have to take my grandmother to clinic every month and go to town to make groceries for us and is only the two of us and I’m not warking

  8. Kelebogile says:

    I would like to win this car because I have to take my grandmother to clinic every month and go to town to make groceries for us and is only the two of us and I’m not working

  9. I have a disabled child and don’t have a car please let us win thanks


  11. With God i know am gonna win this car VW Polo Vivo thank you very much your time good people,

  12. I love traveling.If I win this car ,i will travel over with friends and family.

  13. Thozama Valencia Mqingwana says:

    it will be my great pleasure to own a VW Polo Vivo as it is my favourite car

  14. I would like to have my own car.Not to hike if I go to town or anywhere because it this time they are many peoples who are kipneped so I would to have my own car and I am scared now to hike in the roads

  15. I like to play online to become a winner because this is my dream car

  16. Being a bread I would like to be one of owner of a vw polo vivo

  17. BEING A BREAD WINNER I would like to be one of the owner of a vw polo vivo to get the kees


  19. Thank you Just play to give us an appotunity to
    Play this competition I wish i have to get a
    Chance to win this vw polo in one

  20. In mi life I won’t win competition

  21. Pls God be with me for the day of my life I need care

  22. I hope to win this car for someone who has been with me through thick and thin. Been supportive and stopped me from destroying my life. I don’t have much to give, no silver or gold but if I win I know that this person would deserve the car.

  23. Thank you justplay to give us this chance of playing this game I hope this is time to win
    This comfotable vw polo vivo thanks very well

  24. It will be dream come true to own myself a vw polo

  25. This will be a wonderful birthday gift!

  26. if i could win this car simple there change mylife i like to Drive vw polo 1 day

  27. It will be definately a life changing if i can get a cchance to win this wonderful gift finger crossed!

  28. winning this car ‘ll help me and my family on transport

  29. How fantastic it would be if I won this car. Polo vivo is my favourite car.

  30. If i could win this will be a gift to my mother because his birthday is around December 24 so i would like to be his gift

  31. Hi if i win this car i will be very happy it will be my first car never had one in my life cell number 0628803861

  32. Lehlohonolo says:

    My life will change for ever i hope god wl hear me out and bright my future

  33. To win this car it will be the great thing so that in my life to be not inconvenienced anymore by public transport and freely traveling with no restrictions of time and factors that may need vw polo vivo.

  34. Winni this vw polo vivo can change my life

  35. I WIish to be one of the winner for this brand new vw polo vivo to stop hyking.

  36. Thank you for the present of JUst play to give us an oppotunity to play this Competition I hope i can win this brand new vw polo vivo

    Thanks Just play

  37. King price you are the best one just continous do this to give us a chance to play this game
    I hope that I will Win this car

    King price

  38. How Fantastic it Would be IF I won this very
    Comfortable vw polo vivo I always be said
    Thanks King price

  39. I have a disability and sometimes have to attend interviews because am just graduated. It is difficult using public transport when you have a disability.So,winning this car will be a blessing indeed.

  40. I do need a car desperately as I have to work very far. I am trying my best to help poor people in the community. I in the process of starting a foundation but even that seems to take for ever as people don’t believe that there are really good people who is willing to do good. I need a car any car. But reading all these messages I ask God to help them instead of me. I will continue walking till the day things comes right and I can afford to bye my own car. Wish all of you Good Luck.

  41. always I have being suprice as if I already won this
    car I wish my dream will be come true.

  42. Having twins its a hardwork you always want to get to some places early but without a car it becomes very hard. But with this car I would be stress free knowing I can get anywhere with this lovely car

  43. Tebogo Mabote says:

    Winning a polo vivo would be a dream come true, how i always wanted to own one. Thanks to King price for giving us an opportunity to enter this competition.

  44. I’m a pensioner been driving for 40 years.stil healthy& have a valid licence .I’m just glad I can still drive teach other learners to drive & still thank GOD for my strength every day to sit behind a wheel!

  45. How great it will be to be the winner of the Polo vivo. Iโ€™ve been taken good care by KP due to my misfortune I can not say the same about them. Driving of with this vivo will certainly unite again.

  46. I love to win this dream car so it can take me to work because I work so far I spend lot of money on puplic transport so if I can get mine it will be more easer for me and to save money for fuel and groceries

  47. I wish my dream can come throu this time I always play competition but I never won even a single one I pray god that this one its mine so I won’t struggle anymore for me to go to work please king price I pray you god to answer my dream

  48. Continou King price to give us chances of winning those prices although I am always
    Playjng but I can’t win at all.

  49. Winning this polo vivo it will be a good gift from god because I always wanted to own mine two

  50. I’ve been playing sees this competition started I did even won anything I hope this time its me who going away with vw polo vivo please make my dream come true please king price

  51. Winning a car will be an honor since I’m in need of it so bad. Not forgetting to mention that VW is my favorite car brand.

  52. Tshimangadzo says:

    This is my dream car since i was young i know that one day i will driving mine i will be happy if i win this one

  53. I would like to Win a vw polo vivo a brand new car that is my dream.

  54. always be said that thank you very much
    King price to give me this oppotunity.

  55. Lukhanyiso Tshiwo says:

    I want to be a first owner of this car.This is my car my dreams come true

  56. Iโ€™m 21 one year old fashion student raised by a single parent . So by winning this car it will really mean a lot as I will give it to her.

  57. Elmarie Boshoff says:

    I received a sms stating that I won a VW Polo. When I contacted the nr given for claiming the car I was I formed that I had to make a payment of R1988.00 for delivery and insurance. Is this correct?

  58. Just play 4 ever is a big competition in SouthAfrica.I won’t stop to play as they say.


  59. I would honestly love to win this car. Being that I never got any kind of luck in competition hope this will be my turning point

  60. I would praise my father in heaven with this car

  61. In my life i haven’t win anything but i usually entered the competition to become a winner i love this beautiful car and it is comfortable i think it number 1 speed it is faster this is my favorite and dream car i would like to win it

  62. This will simply changed mylife i love polo vivo

  63. Tjo finally I’am happy because God has answered my prayers i love this car and no one can break my heart and this beautiful car because it is my dream car and I’m going with this price on the 1 of December and i want to surprise my mom because it is her birthday on the 24th December and she rised me without a father I’m proud to be here to compete with other people so i can learn to them and participate,they is 1 winner takes it all i want to be the first at home who win some prices because they are laughing at all thanks justplay.

  64. I love to enter competition because i realize that 1 day i will win some big prices

  65. I don’t have money to buy a car so that why i compete with others so i can get more knowledge and participate in order to win a fancy car

  66. december is coming winning this very comfortable vw polo always in my dream

  67. December is around the corner as much as i can won this car

  68. Mmmhhhhh I’am hungry too be win this beautiful car in mylife

  69. King prie I am alway be entered the competition
    you have done even what ever I win or not
    King price

  70. Winning competition is depending on Lucky I hope that Lucky is in my side this summer to
    Win a vw polo vivo
    always say thanks
    King price

  71. I praise for king price for giving us a nice competition i want to go with this big price i want this car to belong at me thanks for king price also thanks for justplay

  72. winning a car is my dream and i don’t want to hike anymore because many people are kidnapped so i want to go my own car to travel a long distance my keep my family to go outside to have lunch and so many things and i love Vw Polo vivo because is my favorite car in South Africa and they is a higher speed the number 1 speed in South Africa i like this car

  73. Samuel Zwelimangele Magushana says:

    I never see anyone except long ago,in Orlando stadium,when other won a Citi Golf & i never a new car without a company car’

  74. Vw polo viv is my dream car with all my life

  75. Our car is old and are packing up it cost money now to have it repaired so a new car would be a nice Christmas box

  76. I don’t think my Daddy is going to win as I am doing I’m thinking this is a scam of I win I’m telling it would be a surprise because I don’t think no one is going to win I can bet on it lets see who will be our winner do yu guyz have a wall of fame or … we still don’t know who won the iPhone last week yu see we don’t know who to trust and who not to trust it literally looks like we are wasting our time because they might not even be reading but anyway thumbs up๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜”hope we win thanks I like these competition things lets see who will be driving a polo in a few days๐Ÿ˜Š8

  77. No no no 6 days left i want to fight for this car i want to belong to my own family and we travel to book a Hotel wow that sounds is good i will take it thank you justplay thanks to bring the number 1 competition to us as well as south Africa

  78. Donatella you will see i will win it and i will fight for that i need this polo vivo in mylife

  79. I think this couple car in 6 days left it will belong to me i love this fantastic car i have that Dream and when I’am still young i usually Draw these car in a raghf paper to compete with each other and i see now we compete again but actually there is 1 winner for the brand new car

  80. I need this car and we are counting days come Friday come

  81. hi i have been looking forward to drive a vw cars i once sent an application as a driver unfotunatly i wasn’t selected I’ll apreciate it very much if i become selected on this competition and i have a code10 lisence

  82. hi i have been looking forward to drive a vw car and i can say I’m realy passionate in them all. i remember earlier this month i applied for a vac on vw’s facebook page as a driver. I’ll be very very very happy till january and drive very politely with the wrecless ones thank.

  83. even worse it’s painted ๐Ÿ’„my favourite colour. in my township we call it lipgloss yabo sisters.

  84. code 10 with pdp and 3years experience as RSA driver and i hope you find the following info as useful and I thank you volkswaagen for this great oppotunity you are giving us thank you once more

  85. I heared a car saying vrrrphaaa

    scirocco then number 6,7nd etc big up vw i salute your makes bringmore style happy happy๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ i need that red crown

  86. I’ve never seen a car so simple and it suites every style yooh.

  87. the car is just dope itself.

  88. I need this style car to belong to me VW Polo Vivo is my favorite car and this color of this car is symbolise Love for me #Thanks for King Price Insurance

  89. Hi

    I am a nurse who helps others I work hectic shifts by use of public transport to and from, so winning this car will be a dream come true

  90. Has anyone actually won this competition???

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