Win a Nissan Qashqai

Win a Nissan Qashqai
Competition Has Ended

Stand a chance to win a Nissan Qashqai with JustPlay.

You can get your hands on this Nissan that offers 4×4 pleasure and is worth R320 000.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. Arone Ngele says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I am Arone Walter Ngele from Burgersfort,i am a breadwinner at home taking care of my three little brothers and sisters.I lost my parents in 2012.please help me win honourables.I am not working atleast if i can win a car,i can be able to start my own business with it.

  2. Yvette Smith says:

    I had to sell my car and can’t afford to buy another car. I am in serious debt and need a car.

  3. Hi please help me how can win got car i want for mine have nice own car i never have my own car spent my 2 kid

  4. Adelaide Libuseng Makhetha says:

    please would love to become a winner of this beautiful car. As i am young and sofisticated beautifull woman who does not have a car to take her from point A to B Please bless me.

  5. I realy realy realy need a car . My fiance works in vereeniging my mom stays in toti I am 21 years ouer baby is almost 10 months I never see my mom they work for a care center so if I have a car my fiance and I can donate some stuf for the children and drive it to them .

  6. Hi, i’ve never won anything in my life before. I hope i can atleast win this pls. I dn’t have a car and i dn’t have anyway of getting to my kids always they dn’t live with me so i struggle alot. Please help me win. Am going to take part in this by using my alias for personal and safety reason which i cn’t talk about so publicly. Thank u

  7. Zodwa Bele says:

    ooo my prayers would’ve been answered if I can win 1, as I always struggle to go home during the holidays as we are a big can be like my dream came true

  8. I’m Linda Kunene I have three sons, I will be very honourable to win a SUV in order to have a desert car in my family please help me

  9. I started playing and I did not get a thing but if I win what I played then I will have my say.

  10. I am a single mom unemployed with 2 kids. I recently open a business with my own capital which was very hard to get. I am struggling with transportation, I find it very difficult without transport because I need to transport products and do sales and lot more of activities. I need a car very urgent. I Pray to God that I will be blessed with transport and also to be a blessing to others.

  11. I’m a people’s person who have a dream of visiting neglected patients in hospitals and show them that they are human beings as well as we all know that some people give up on fighting for their lives as they don’t see any reason of doing so, they feel not valuable and uselless. To be able to shift them from that negativity, they need to be motivated, counselling as well.
    i have been trying for years to save money in order to buy a car, but due to overload of responsibilities it’s not happening. I would be very happy to win a car and any model is welcomed, as long as it is a car.

  12. I really need a SUV as I’m driving a sedan.

  13. Melissa. goliath says:

    I won’t mind honestly winning this beautiful car .. Just to drive my son and my parents to the beach and places god created us to see.. Which is hard if u don’t have ur own transport .. But this beauty I’ll proudly take care of her its once in a life time god blesses u .. Just too see the world nd places we’ve never seen ,stunning car nd a stunning city cape town!!

  14. I am a deaf lady I need winner its beauty car for my sister and brother Christ need go to church always we do not have transport for free own car .we heavy problem please I need your help me get winner car. thank you

  15. I’ve realised that there is no such competition.

  16. I Would love that.I never win before.

  17. This car I called it my Blessing and I was definitely sure that it was mine but it seems like not now. I don’t mind waiting for you Lord Amen

  18. I would love to win a Nissan Qashqai , I love it with all my heart, I am praying to my almighty God to win this car.

  19. Boikanyo Maluleka says:

    Hi, I happened to love winning a car, however I am not greedy, all I want is to own a car, my credit record is rotten, all I want is help to own a car, I can pay monthly instalments. My problem is my credit record is rotten, everywhere I go I don’t qualify I wont mind paying monthly instalment

  20. I will be very happy if I won a car my friend build the house for me and she pit the garage and I don’t have car I don’t have money to buy my own car I will appreciated if I won thank you

  21. john mareila says:

    i need to win one competition,i have never win before.

  22. Keneilwe says:

    I never drive my own car in my life lady of 35 years and i not working please .i would love that

  23. Im a singke mother with four children & im a hair dresser that it

  24. Eugine kapaipi says:

    Iam just 22 iam in zambia,iam the one who look after my young ones,but as for iam in need of money so i need a car please halip us

  25. I’ve bn entering so many competitons in my life & I have never win any of them so it will b a blessing to be 1of the winners I wl keep on trying I won’t give up I’m boniswa age 28 4rm klerksdorp. Thank u

  26. Hey I’m Petunia
    me and my husband is in need of a car we never had our own car we can’t afford one my husband has licence plz help us out with a car of our own

  27. im Matshogane i’ve been entering many competitions since i was 19 years old now im 25 years old.i am looking for job as sale representative and they need someone with car so please make me win car that will make my dream come true.

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