Win a Mystery Car

Win a Mystery Car
Competition Ends In: 97 days

Stand a chance to Win a Mystery Car with JustPlay.

You could get your hands on a brand new car worth R175 000. The car is a total mystery, so we don’t even know what it is.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. abderrahmen says:

    I wish that i can buy or win a car that will help in my school life

  2. Kgaogelo says:

    I wish I could when a car that I can use to go campus because public transport is expensive

  3. Nomnikelo says:

    I wish I could win a car so that I can stop hiring cars for my bussines

  4. I wish I can win a car to improve my business

  5. I wish I can win a car to take my dad to the clinic since shes struggling with crushes every month.

  6. I wish to win this car it can help not feel helpless whn my gets sick again she has many sickness I dnt even know wt to do anymore😢

  7. I need a car not going to school coz I dnt HV money for transport because I HV to pay a prsn tht will take my mom to hospital in the middle of the night ain’t a nice feeling

  8. I wish to win s car so I can stop hiking when going to work. coming back is the worst. hiking at 7-8 pm is no fun at times you will even wait for almost an hour I do not understand why but from may since I started no lady unless she knows me has given me a lift to work at all. its always men and we all know its not all that can be trusted but then its either hike or my son goes hungry.

  9. I wish to win this car for my dad and mom they are too old to use public transport now and then for medical checkups .

  10. Thozama Valencia Mqingwana says:

    I wish I can win this car

  11. Wish I can win it would make my life easy to take boys to school

  12. I wish i can win this car so that i can help my dad since she uses cruches and my mom since uses whealchair

  13. I wish i could win a car so that i can be able to take my disable grandmother to the clinic even not to pay taxis they’re expensive

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