Win a Mystery Car

Win a Mystery Car
Competition Ends In: 327 days

Stand a chance to Win a Mystery Car with JustPlay.

We might not know what the car is yet, but we can tell you its super cool and worth R200 000.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. Kgothatso Teffo says:

    I Kgothatso teffo would love to win the prize and I would be a dream come true and I have never won any prize ever and would love to win this prize and would be very delighted thanks may the lord be with u who reads this message and I’m a very dedicated person

  2. I would like to win this car because i have never won anything in my life
    the feeling of winning something you didnt work for should be amazing

  3. if I were to win this car I would give it to my dad as a Present….I’m 28 years and my dad still and has always supported me in every way a father should,…my dad is the most generous and responsible person I know,he defines the word HERO….he took myself n my 5siblings to multiracial schools with the little he got from being a garden boy…there’s so much I can say about him….so yeah if I could win ,I would give back to my Superdad…thank u

  4. i would like to win the car because i have never won anything in my life and im currently using a public transport to work it will be a great pleasure to have my own car and be able to drive my child to creche everyday….thank you

  5. i m the prophet of zcc ,i m struggle 2 travel 4 corners of the earth(Gogo)to heal and pray patience,so that i wish i could win these mystery tht be able to make a journey easily.i pray day night to win these.(oh?my god almighty the lord of israel.amen.

  6. I will b over the moon if I will b the winner of that new car… Then I will b able to go and visit my families @ other Provinces they all think that I don’t want to visit them but the truth is I will love to .. but because I don’t have a car! That is the main challenge for me..

  7. I would love to win this car very much,so that I wwill be able to visit my family and in my place ttthere are few cars I would to help my community in anything they want with my new car…. Thanks

  8. I’ll be very grateful if I can win this mystery car so that I’ll travel easy with my two little girls and their mom,we will stop using public transport like taxes

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