Win a Kia Picanto

Win a Kia Picanto
Competition Ends In: 31 days

Stand a chance to Win a Kia Picanto with JustPlay.

The Kia Picanto is a sleek, snazzy car that will take you everywhere in style. You could be the lucky winner of a Kia Picanto worth R200 000.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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  1. God help me to win a car place my lord is my dream

  2. We are in need of a car as we don’t have one. …..

  3. I’ve always had the interest in cars since i was a toddler and today i receive my blessing from God

    in jesus name i declare that care apon my life Lord


  4. I need a new car, I pray that I won this car, I have never ever won anything in my life.

  5. God….please help me get a car im in need god u know my crying lord help me Amen

  6. siphiwe says:

    This is my dream car thanks God at last you answered my prayer you sad in your words of God must Speak favour you will see the God in your life this is my car

  7. I truely need a car. It is getting so cold and my 7year old son gets so cold walking to school. I do carry him so that he can get some of my body heat. He gigger brother also helps when mommy get tired of carrying.

  8. Nazeemah says:

    It seems that the submit button doesn’t work, Please my Lord be with me. I’m in great need of a car for me and my kids as a safety measure in this area.

  9. Charlize Smit says:

    I’m a student and really need this!!

  10. R. Khan says:


  11. Buntu Daraza says:

    I need a car

  12. I am a student.I need a car to travel around and get things done.

  13. Sigweart says:

    I love how people commenting here think that telling their life stories will help them win.

  14. We will be eternally grateful if we can win this dream car. We need it more than you can imagine. And to drop my kids at school in the morning. I Pray this come true thank you for letting me enter

  15. GOD of Mayor 1 I have faith….

  16. God let your Will be done, buy open the door of one of my Blessings Amen

  17. I need some style and class in my life!!

  18. I travel 80 KM a day going to work. i really need a car that will help me to arrive in time to work

  19. I really need a car it will help to make my life easier

  20. I need transport to help me get to work in time.

  21. This is a stylish car and it has comfort. I need one please as it also saves on petrol considering the fact that fuel has gone up. Kia Picanto anytime, any day

  22. With Petrol prices taking another hike , the new Kia Picanto is exactly what a motorist needs . It is great especially for the cautious and those who wish to save more monthly but still have the desired features in a car . I definitely would love one , Kia Picanto is the future

  23. I think the economy status has put a financial toll on companies that they can’t offer employees car benefits. So companies strictly want candidates with drivers license and cars non- negotiable. That’s so demotivating for me to apply, because my career requires frequent driving, without a car ,I’m not advantageous to get my dream job. I’ll be so delighted if I win a kia picanto,it would be the least of my problem.

  24. This little beauty will be the answer to my dreams….

  25. I want to win a car for someone else who I think really needs a car a deserves one. He is working 2 jobs and is studying through unisa. He is ready doing his best and are saving up for a car.

  26. I’m a student who has trouble with transport and at times have to be at school literally from 8am until 8pm because that is the only time I can find transport, this will help as my parents are trying their best with varsity fees already and there’s only so much they can do. I volunteer and play sports as well so his car will help me move around quite easily and I will no longer inconvenience those around me who have been helping me, please do consider me.

  27. Thabang Maimela says:

    For some reson if I win the Kia Picando,it will be the best day of my life. And I would be able to take my mom to work,not able to miss any church services on Sunday & mostly no more meter-cab for groceries,you will be able to use your own car.😁😁😁♥️🚗!

  28. Thabang Maimela says:

    Kia Picando is a fuel efficiency vehicle,for first time drivers. Who wouldn’t want to win one. love the interior,bucket seats,the rims & the body paint.

  29. If I would win I’d be happy because I won’t get to be hit by a car like I was today by someone who doesn’t respect traffic signs and or rules.

  30. I really need a new car cause I don’t have money to buy a new one

  31. Nothing is impossible with God .I have a big need off this car .if its good in the eye off the Lord I will be the owner off the kia picanto my dream car.this car can make my job easy coz I have a organization that help the poor to state business I always use taxes sometimes I weight for a long times to get a tax .

  32. I really need a car because in South Africa the is no works. So if I can win this car I will open small business with this car. I use it to take people to work

  33. Mine was taken by currapt cops, it was my first car, hopefully not the last.I bought it R25000.00 from a car dealer in jeepee’s town.

  34. Help God,I want to win this lovely car to take my mum to church, she is old she can’t take taxis to church and everyday she cry when is Sunday

  35. Please lord wish it can be me no car but have license

  36. I wish lord can help me to get this beautiful car to go with at work

  37. My lord I know you gonna bless me if I trust so I’m trusting you lord no one can help me is you

  38. My wish is to win this competition not for me but to then give the car to someone important to me that really needs a car. In exchange I would do with pleasure a lot of ‘thank you brand promo’ on social medias for everyone to know further about the VW Polo Vivo…Please consider.

  39. P.s 23

  40. That would an amazing gift ever in my life if I can receive this car can i be the one who taking it home plz

  41. God help me to win this car amen

  42. I already own a Picanto for the last 11 years and did not have days problem with the car. I am turning 50 in a few weeks and would like to have a new car for my birthday. With my current salary I will not be able to afford a new car.

    Thank you

  43. O please bless me with this KIA picanto o lord…it will be such a blessing to my babyboy and I..after 10 years of hardships..and will reli bring us closer togeda as a family

  44. I need a car

  45. i need a car

  46. The reason I wish for a car right now is because my punctuality is being interrupted by these continuous taxi wars in my area. I’m a dedicated student who is looking forward on completing her studies and I now can not even attend extra classes because I have no transport to get me home late in the day.. I sometimes miss two classes because I arrive late at school and missing on so much almost everyday.. Lord hear me now please,I beg you, select me.

  47. Winning a car will be a dream come true,May my living god make my wish come true…god bless me

  48. it has been rough ever since i started working i been using taxi if i could win the car it will make a defference in my life and my children are asking about the car

  49. I am crossing fingers coz I need that car so that I can take my mum to church,evérytime she complains when it’s Sunday

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