Best Screenwriting Competitions 2014

Best Screenwriting Competitions 2014

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There are some amazing screenwriting competitions that you are able to enter. Screenwriting competitions are able to help you in getting your work exposed as well as win some great prizes along the way.

If you are a screenwriter, then here are some of the top screenwriting competitions.

Screenwriting Competitions

1. Nicholl Fellowship

The Nicholl Fellowship is one of the most significant screenwriting competitions that you can enter. The competition is run by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This screenwriting competition is amazing as even just being placed in the semi or quarter finals, could give your script a chance to be read by a Hollywood agent, producer manager. The first prize is a fellowship of $35 000, which will then give you a year to write one more original screenplay.

2. The Bluecat Screenplay Contest

This screenwriting competition could give you the notability that you are looking for. It is able to open up the doors fo0r your work and you never know who you might meet in the industry. Apart from the professional benefits that this screenwriting competition can give you, the prizes are also pretty good. The first place winner will receive $15 000 and each finalist will take home $2500. One aspect of this competition that makes it different to the rest is that every single entrant will receive a script analysis. This is included in the entry fee so you will benefit from entering.

3. TrackingB

This is a newer screenwriting competition that does have a high entry fee, but the success of its winners should be noted and it has an awesome reputation among writers. With this screenwriting competition you are able to gain free access for a year to the site, when you write two or more scripts. The website lists Hollywood jobs, industry news and more. Generally you would not know this information unless you are already in the business.

4. Final Draft’ Big Break Screenplay Contest

This screenwriting competition offers great prizes. The feature grand winner will receive $15000 and the genre award winners will each receive $1000. The grand winner and the genre winners will also receive writing software, a year’s membership to Script Pipeline’s Writers Database, a listing on Inktip and all the winners will have the chance to read the judges feedback.


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